Amy Kneller

During Amy Kneller's twelve years of teaching middle school science, she developed a passion for using technology. She received her Masters at the Southern Illinois University in instructional technology in 2001 and strove to incorporate technology into her curriculum and enhance her students learning experience. She moved with her family to the East Coast in 2007, and has continued to share her excitement for technology at the Plymouth Public Schools for the past two years as an elementary instructional technology specialist.

Karen Winsper

Karen Winsper has worked as a technology integration specialist in the Plymouth Public Schools since 2007. For 12 years prior to that, she was a classroom teacher at both the elementary and middle school levels within the Dartmouth Public Schools. Karen earned her Master's Degree in curriculum and instructional technology from Framingham State University in 2005 and was eager to share her enthusiasm for integrating technology within the curriculum. She holds professional licenses in elementary, middle school and technology education. Karen lives with her family in Southeastern, MA.

Amy and Karen began to develop this workshop while taking a graduate course through Bridgewater State University in the Spring of 2011. Realizing how simple screencasting with students can be, the two colleagues were inspired by its potential to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of any given subject area. The process empowers students to be creative while actually creating a product; both of which relate to the highest level of the revised edition of Bloom's Taxonomy.